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Verano 2019

Work in Ibiza!

For the upcoming season 2019 we primarily mediate party promoter positions to our external sales partners in Playa d’en Bossa and San Antonio.

We ourselves (CDLN) have only a few positions to offer: combi-jobs and interns (see below). Anybody who’s in the right age, has the appropriate appearance and work attitude can become a party promoter. But it takes a lot more to get one of the few combi-job and internship positions.

Party promoter

Experience a season in Ibiza, look behind the scenes, meet people from all over the world, expand your language skills and while doing all of this – earn good money!

Your job as a party promoter is to sell CDLN as well as similar products directly (on the beach or at the party districts) to tourists. Your portfolio with our distribution partners: boat parties, pool parties and party packages, which can include all Ibiza Club tickets (Amnesia, Pacha, Hi, Ushuaia, O Beach, Privilege, Heart, etc.).

It’s about the exclusive direct sale of these tickets on commission only.

You should be between 21 – 35 years young, available for at least 6 weeks, and also have a great appearance as well as being eloquent. Above all, you should also want to earn money! Foreign language skills are an advantage, but not a must have.

Ideally (not necessarily) you will be able to bring experience in the fields of promotion or sales which will lead / help to the important certainty of closure.

If interested, please send us a short and informal, but significant application with current photos (including at least 2 current full body photos) to

Attention! Please also tell us whether you want to live and work in Playa d’en Bossa or in San Antonio.

We don’t pay attention to applications without photos.

Combi job

It’s mainly a combination of working at events on the boat and working as a sales promoter.

On the boat we are looking for someone that is seasonally experienced, knows how to create a high turnover and is a talent in entertainment.

No matter whether you are a real party animal or simply a joker.
The main thing is that you have fun at work with a good attitude, are entertaining and strong in sales.

Under certain circumstances and with an appropriate suitability it is also possible, instead of or in addition to working on the boat, to help us out in the office with jobs like: Graphic design, photography / videography, event management, accounting, e-commerce.
However, the sales promotion is an essential and fixed part of the combi job.

You really have to live and love pro-active selling – otherwise you won’t become happy in this job.

Proper sales experience (outbound call center, sales representative, sales promotion, direct sales, MLM …) is a mandatory requirement.

We are only looking for experienced top sellers and not for “consultants”.

There are different requirements for this job than for a position as a party promoter (see description above), but you also enjoy different privileges and commissions.

In any case, it takes a lot more to get one of those few free positions:

  • At least 2 languages ​​(English is a must PLUS German, Spanish or Italian) fluently
  • At least 2 months availability
  • The appropriate experience in the fields mentioned above
  • The appropriate appearance / attitude / look

If interested, please send us a short and informal but significant application.

Please prove that you have the qualifications mentioned above and please provide your application with references, current photos (including at least 2 current full body photos) as well as the links to your social media.

Please send us your full application to

Attention! We won’t pay attention to applications without photos and links to social media.


(at least 3 languages!)

Do you have experiences in any of the areas graphic design, photography / videography, event management, accounting, e-commerce, gastronomy, entertainment, speak at least three languages fluently (German, English, Spanish or Italian) and would like to do an internship with us?

Please send us a short, informal but please significant application to

Minimum stay of 3 months.