Terms & Conditions

Your ticket includes the boat party with open bar (beer, sangria, sex on the boat cocktails and water), as well as a swim stop with professional life guards on duty.

The execution of these swim stop is subject to weather conditions.

The boat party runs from 6.15pm-9.15pm (SUNSET BOATS) or 3pm-6.30pm (DAYTIME BOATS).
Please check your ticket thoroughly.

The pre party at Bora Bora Beach Club starts at 1pm for 3pm departures or 4pm for late departures in Playa d’en Bossa.

You’ll find nice options for lunch and drinks at fair rates.

Please arrive at the pre party / redemption early, with your ticket and ready to board the boat.

You must exchange your ticket for a wristband 90 min before departure.

CDLN staff will then walk you to the boat 30 min before departure

If you don’t redeem your ticket for wristband 90 min before departure, then your boat entry is not guaranteed.

If there’s space on the boat on any of the the next days CDLN will rebook you.

This is a voluntary service and depends on availability. There is no refund for no-shows or late arrivals.


Your CDLN ticket includes at least 3 tickets to Ibiza’s night clubs within a week around the boat party.

There might be more than 3. We give you as much as we can. With love <3 Thats the deal. Some of these club deals might be even to good to be true and wont be officially announced in our marketing forehand due to a logical reason.

But we guarantee 3 club entries only. Those club entries variate and we cannot promise any specific club or party.

Please be aware that there might be weeks in pre & past season (April, May and September) when not all clubs are open every day.

In those times we might offer you only 1 ticket.

Those club tickets guarantee you free entry before a certain time.

You can pick up those tickets any when before or after the boat party within the following opening hours at Bora Bora: 2pm-7pm

Your CDLN e-ticket for the boat is not valid for the clubs. You need to exchange them at Bora Bora.

CDLN reserves the right to reschedule the boat party to another time within 24 hours with no refund, due to weather or mechanical problems.

Excessive drinking on a boat is dangerous. CDLN is committed to promoting responsible alcohol consumption.

Any use of drugs won’t be tolerated. Anyone not adhering to this will not be allowed to board the boat, attend the after party or receive a refund.

Travel on the boat is at your own risk. The vendor accepts no responsibility for any injuries sustained while on board, although the boat is insured under Spanish law.

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