Best Hangover Cures for Your Ibiza Holiday Pt. 2

Welcome back! Hopefully, you have already enjoyed benefits from some of our tips for preparing yourself to make the most out of your hangover. Some hangovers can be quite the pain and last for a while. So now, we will tell you, how to make the day(s) after as pleasant as possible. Take note, these are things we have learned from years of our and our friends’ party experience combined. The best hangover cures so far.. 

Here we go..

The Day After

#7 Have a relaxed day with no plans. Go to a nice beach and enjoy the beautiful clear turquoise waters and white sand scenery. The best place to enjoy these scenic views on the day after: Formentera. Go there with a ferry and relax at Ses Illetes, Calo Des Mort, S’Elpalmador gorgeous beaches. Book with Utilises ferry and enjoy an X% discount if booking through us/our referral.


#8 On the day after, eat healthily. You may not have an appetite so I recommend having a light meal. Some green or protein smoothies are almost like a meal. Some days I feel like, this is really all I could ever eat the day after.. Or an acai bowl.. Or soup. Do whatever works for you but do keep yourself fueled. If you can have a salad, with some leafy greens, chicken, quinoa and other veggies, do go for that. Once again, I recommend Roni’s Deli and Burger. So much love for this place.. As they have saved me so many times with their diverse, fresh, healthy foods. From protein shakes, fresh juices, smoothies to superfoods, acai bowls, and quinoa bowls. Check out some pictures of the place here.


#9 Stay hydrated. Drinking 1.5-2 liters of liquids per day now is more essential than ever. Mix it up to make it more exciting by drinking water, coconut water, teas, fresh juices, green smoothies, vitamin waters. Green tea has many antioxidants, just what we need to flush out all the toxins. Ginger tea helps with avoiding the sickness. Peppermint tea can help prevent nausea. Coconut water can help to restore liquids and electrolytes in the body. It has five of the electrolytes found in the human blood. You’ll


#10 Sweat it all out. Go to a workout or to a sauna. This is one of the most rewarding ways to cleanse and re-energise yourself. The feeling after is amazing. This is one of the practices we learned by spending time with even bigger party veterans, the DJs.. and with all those parties, they might just know what they’re doing.


#11 5-HTP for Tuesday blues. For those experiencing the Tuesday blues, give this magic pill a try. Sold at food supplement stores such as Holland & Barret, this amino acid helps with the production of the happiness hormone, serotonin. Improves sleep, mood and the general feeling of happiness.


Well… hopefully, you find these recommendations helpful and they help you, as they do for us, to kick ass and keep on enjoying the parties, over and over again.. These are the best hangover cures we know. Do you have any tips? Let us know what you think in comments!


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