Comp Img 8539This is an interview with our Resident DJ Ryan Platts, who is been playing on our boat for 7 years now.  He is 30 years old and from Plymouth, a city in the south-west of England. Ryan is one of the reasons, why so many people come back every year, after being on our boat. Because of his long-term experience in DJ-ing, which he got from playing in famous Ibiza clubs like Sankeys, Eden, Lio and at the Zoo Project amongst others, he is the one who knows exactly, how to heat up our boat guests from all around the world!


Here are Ryan´s 16 answers to our intimate questions:


How long you´re doing music and why you´ve started once?

I come from a musical family, my Grandmother was a master piano player and singer, My Dad was the lead guitarist in a successful 90’s band, (he could give slash a run for his money). I’ve been around music since i was born and been played records for 18 years, played my first residency when i was 17 and it all kicked off from that moment really. i used to see turntables in the studio of my dad when i was a kid, always thinking what there for. He showed me that music came from them when a record was put on it, i was fascinated by it, and when my mum remarried to a great guy called Chris, he was a record collector. So, it really started from there.


Who inspires you and why? Which are your favorite DJs?

There isn’t a particular person that inspires me, more of a collective of people. Old and new, my mum and dad, my other 2 parents, friends, old and new, people i meet, the special women in my life, musicians, singers, and bands from the 1940’s all the way up to now to be honest, and there would be many more djs to add, pretty much all of them have their own unique way of presenting music to people. The earth and how we live also inspires me, my love for this goes deeper than human beings, to me it always feels like the reason of life, why were on the planet, to listen to music and move our bodies to cool rhythms. I am fuelled by music, any and all, however my passion stands with electronic music, anything that has that distinctive 4/4 groove.



I know your dad is big into music, … so do you have early memories about playing music with him?

Yes; as i mentioned earlier, he was in a rock band in the 1990’s, i can remember some of it but not all, there was one time, i was about 9 or 10 years old, i put on his leather jacket and guitar for a photoshoot, i´ve been searching for these pictures since then.

Gary and Denise, my parents have been nothing short of amazing when it comes to supporting what i do, since the start, they bought my first turntables, came to my first gigs and its fucking awesome that they still do, they love the boat here in ibiza and have been many times, along with coming to watch me at Space and other clubs here on the island. As the parties i organise and play at get bigger and better, that same feeling i had when they saw me playing out for the first time, is still there.


Which music types you play exactly?

Currently and for around the past 7 years I play House and Techno.


What do you love about playing at Cirque de la Nuit Boat Party @Ibiza Boat Club?

Playing music in the sun, on the sea and in the day-time has a very special appeal to it, since most of this is usually done in the opposite places, couple this with 320 people who are always up for a mega party, a huge void sound system which would be happy sitting in any club, and this is some of the reasons why I fucking love it.


Ryan Platts, Resident DJ of Cirque de la Nuit, in the interview

Funny moments / worst moment on board?

hahahahah there are many, the worst is when the ocean is wavy as a mother fucker.

In 2013 we had a much smaller boat and all the operations were done inside, undercover. DJ’ing in that boat when its going 60 degrees to the left and right was not good. I feared for my life.


5 things you would recommend for having a great party on Ibiza?

Good friends, amazing music, a good sound system, a few beers and some decent special effects. bosh !!! good party ingredients.


What you love about IBIZA?

Absolutely everything!


Which is your favourite Club / event on Ibiza and why?

Currently I’m looking for one, every year for me there’s a stand out party, Elrow is the shit, Music On is mega, the CDLN boat party is top and most of the parties in Sankeys are pretty fucking decent as well, both Sankeys and Hï Ibiza are my favourite, and when any Diynamic event is on, I’m there, these parties are special as fuck.


You know the island pretty well, so what would you recommend to someone, who is new on the island?

Don’t party every night, experience some of the other beautiful things and places ibiza has to offer, it has some of best places to eat in the world, ibiza town is mega in the evening (pre-nightclub). get out of Playa d’en Bossa or San An, hire a car and check out the Fish Shack, Los Pasajeros, Es Vedra, Experimental Beach, Atzaro. The list goes on and on.

Tell me something about your project CASA? And what other projects do you have?

Casa is a party me and my business partner run in England, it started in a small 60 cap venue in 2012. Were now running Casa events in Cinemas, Churches, boats and clubs monthly to an 2000+ Audience. Next stop is a festival and Ibiza. I´ve also been writing and producing music since 2012, many trial and errors have been made and i have a library of tracks ready to be released. I’m just waiting for the right moment.


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Your best advice against hangover?

Hahahaha, there are two ways to go, depending on a few things. First way: Get yourself to a spa and chill the whole day. Second way: Wake up, open a beer or bottle of wine, call Frank and carry on.

Future plans / life goals?

Music music music! And taking Casa as big as it can get. Writing more music and of course, playing more music.


Do you have a favourite quote?

Hahaha, there a not a particular favourite quote, or favourite word, but, probably the word i say the most would be “Fuck”. You can use it for many different applications good, bad, happy and sad.


Do you have a special Tattoo?

I have a tape cassette on the top go my left arm with the words Mix Tape on the label, it´s my mums handwriting.


And last but not least: Ryan, we get a lot of women asking for your phone number after they´ve seen you on the boat!!! Can we hand it out, or is there a special lady in your life?

Hahahahah, no you cannot 😉! My beautiful wife, Tara, has my heart.