VIP Boat Party

VIP Boat Party Cirque de la Nuit Ibiza

Looking for a VIP Boat Party treatment on CDLN Ibiza Boat Party?

We’ve got it!

For 2018, we are launching a VIP Boat Party package on our Party Boat.

The VIP Treatment Booking service is intended for those seeking an exclusive access, space, and attentive service whilst on board.
Booking VIP Boat Party package gives you not only a VIP treatment on CDLN Ibiza Boat Party but also a VIP sunbed at the world famous Bora Bora Beach Party, where our pre and after party takes place.
When arriving at the CDLN Ibiza Boat Party you can enjoy the comfort of priority boarding, access to the new exclusive VIP area and a complimentary bottle of Moet or premium spirit and mixers, per 2 person booking. Included in the VIP Boat Party Package are all the services offered in a Cirque de la Nuit Ibiza Boat Party standard ticket, such as open bar (beer, sangria, sex on the boat cocktails and water), a swim stop in the magnificent turquoise waters as well as 3 complimentary night club entrances.

VIP bookings are subject to availability and are at a maximum of 11 guests. Please inquire with us before booking. You can upgrade the standard ticket to the VIP package for 90€ per person

Price: Standard Ticket + 90€ VIP Uprade includes:

  • 2 hours pre party at Bora Bora Beach Club incl. VIP bed
  • 3,5 hours boat party daytime or 3 hours boat party sunset incl. VIP Area
  • 1 bottle of Moet or premium spirit for 2 people
  • unlimited drinks on the boat (beer, sangria, sex on the boat cocktails, water)
  • swim stop
  • up to 3 club entries



Also, if you would like us to help you arrange other services. Due to our long established presence on the island, we are able to arrange the best deals for you and would be happy to make your stay as pleasurable, fun, stress-free and carefree as possible.

We can arrange for you:

  • Private Villa Bookings: inquire with us to get the best villa’s with the most beautiful views in Ibiza
  • VIP Tables at major clubs: let us arrange that VIP table deal for you at the club and spot in the venue you wish. Our connections ensure that you will get what you are looking for.
  • Restaurant reservations: the best restaurants, the best tables and excellent food options.
  • VIP Shuttles around the island
  • Plus many other things.. just ask us!
Vip Boat Party Ibiza Cirque De La Nuit Ibiza
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